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Tue Oct 21 22:47:20 EDT 2008

I never saw one in operation, but did get a picture of #3717 at Shaffer's
Crossing in March of '73. My Withers/Bowers reference shows that unit
retired in '72. So I assume it was being scavenged for parts when I ran
across it.

Don Trettel
Fall City, Wa.
(a long way from our beloved N&W)


Great info. I can add that prior to the mid 1970s, hardly any ex-Wabash or
ex-NKP units ever wandered onto "old" N&W rails (VA/WV) in mainline service.
Probably one factor might have been the lack of dynamic brakes on the merger
units. I never saw any (but I was only there certain times of the year from
late 50s until the mid 1970s).

In the mid 1970s (1975 or later) you began to see some merger inherited
units as well as foreign pool power.

About the same time, some of the merger inherited cabooses started to show
up as well. I'm not sure if the two were related but that is the way it was

All based on my observations from my grandparent's porch in Williamson. ;-)

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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