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I think some people are forgetting what was available in the 1970's or 1980's! Has anyone looked through an Walthers Catalog from the mid-70's to early 80's lately? I remember the old Athearn stuff, as well as older Atlas, Bachman, Model Power, Life-Like and even Tyco! I think we have it made now, especially those of us who can't afford brass!!
Dave Grigsby
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You seem surprised! As a mfg rep told me a while back, that's part of the reason why N&W models don't get a lot of priority.



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Good lord, the model has just been announced, and the griping has already begun! The bell looks fine, as the N&W GE's did have a different style, (slightly narrower bracket) than what we commonly see on EMD locomotives. As for the paint scheme, that is actually a question mark: the image shows the block "NW", but the text description says "black/yellow", which could suggest the half-moon herald scheme, unless it's a misprint or the yellow is referring to the handrail ends. Either scheme will sell just fine. We have no problems selling N&W engines with the block "NW" in Columbus.

Marty Flick

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The N&W bell is one of the worst I seen modeled!
Also one of the least popular paint schemes being done!

Stephen Rineair

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For those who haven't seen the announcement, Atlas officially released today that they are producing the GE U30B Ph. 2 in HO Scale. Release date is Feb '09. MSRP w/ sound is $289.95, w/o sound is $179.95. Why is this being posted here, you ask. They are doing the high hood version in the first run, covering N&W. There will be three road numbers with sound and three other numbers without sound. The paint scheme will be the block NW. Ths link below shows pre-production samples of the high hood version, which appears that they have corrected some of the dimensional errors in the high short hood from previous GE Dash 7 runs.

Russ Goodwin

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