Atlas U30B Phase 2 in HO Scale

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Fri Sep 5 10:03:43 EDT 2008

> to the handrail ends. Either scheme will sell just fine. We have no problems

> selling N&W engines with the block "NW" in Columbus.

The U30B will be in the NW block scheme black/white. The black/yellow thing on the web
site is a typo.

Manufacturers have done a pretty good job on the 13dip scheme lately. Used to be, if
they did it at all they'd use just any old font for the cab number, and the side emblem
would be the wrong size, etc. Atlas pretty much nailed it on the SD35, the GP40, and I
believe they will nail it on the U30B. Also Proto's 13d GP30 was pretty much dead on.

Of course I'll still buy some undecs, but I'll probably buy all three of the factory
numbers (non-sound). The U-boats for some reason were represented in greater proportion
than their numbers on the Ft. Wayne division from 1972-77 or so, and I'm not concerned
about having too many. Now what I need to do is build up that GP9 fleet.


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