Track - Layout Diagrams of the Bluefield , WV and Pounding Mill, VA yards circa: 1946 to 1965

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David: I can't supply diagrams of the Bluefield yard, but may be able to advise you about structure locations, as I grew up in sight of the middle yard from 1946 to 1952 when I went to college, then off and on until about 1964. You may want to contact me off-list at jamesanichols at BTW: the Bluefield yard was quite extensive. It would take up your whole layout and then some. Obviously, you will need to do selective compression. Jim Nichols
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Subject: Track - Layout Diagrams of the Bluefield , WV and Pounding Mill,VA yards circa: 1946 to 1965

I am new to this list, and to the hobby of Model Railroading.
I have a space for an N - Scale Layout 6 feet wide and 60 feet long. I want to model from Bluefield,West Virginia to Pounding Mill,Virginia... from the years 1945 through 1965.
| need correct diagrams showing track layout and structure locations of the Bluefield and Pounding Mill yards of the Norfolk & Western Railway for the years indicated above.

Would some knowledgeable Modler please reply with directions to a resource where I can obtain this material?

If one of the List - Subscribers currently has this material, I will pay for reproduction and mailing costs if they wre willing to share their information and materials with me.

Thank you for the anticipated courtesy of a reply.

David C. Braum <dcbraum at>


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