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When I lived in Cincinnati (up until two years ago) my sons and I spent a lot of time watching trains in Hamilton, just northwest of Cinci. Go north on I-75 past Tylersville Rd to the Rt 29 exit for Hamilton. Follow that highway west to Hamilton into downtown, and turn right just past the underpass. Park in the second parking lot at Butler Street. Both lines northwest out of Cinci (CSX and NS) combine here for about 5 miles to New Miami and there are always trains there. Averaged about one every 20 minutes. There's a couple of CSX defect detectors that give warning from each direction. There's also a MickyDs right there (the boys liked it, anyway)

John Samples
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I'm going to be in Cincinnati Ohio all of next week on business and wondering if there are any sights, shops, friends, or layouts that are a must see.

Dave Willis
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