O Scale CPL signals

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The N&W signals were originally position lights, and were the same type equipment as the PRR, (manufactured by the Union Switch & Signal Company), but the N&W's aspects had different names and were more complicated than the Pennsylvania's.  By the mid 1950's the N&W had simplified the aspects and ommited redundant lamps and even a third head in some instances.
Then, beginning in the late 50's and early 60's, the N&W converted the top heads to colors and omitted the center pivot light, and converted the pivot light on the bottom head to red.
The O scale signal is a pretty close representation to an N&W signal if it comes out as good as the photo.
Ben Blevins
NS Signalman

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I thought the N&W had PL based on PRR's, then took the center light
out, and added color, converting them to CPL's.

Lionel and MTH did make/makes a B&O CPL. But at least Atlas' system
is easier to wire into a layout system

Dominic Mazoch

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