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Sun Jun 8 15:26:09 EDT 2008

To those who are going to the 2008 Convention and going on the Bellevue Yard
Tour, NS has placed one restriction on us. We are not allowed to take any
photographs inside the locomotive repair facility. This is NS Corporate
policy and a request that we, as guests of NS, must follow. We are allowed
to take photographs anywhere outside in the yard, outside the shops and are
allowed to take photographs from the hump tower/yard masters office. But,
we cannot take any photographs inside the shops.

I hope this is not a serious disappointment to any of our attendees. I wish
the situation was different, but we are their guests. We are fortunate that
NS agreed to a tour for us; this is a reflection of the regard that NS holds
for our organization. We should be thankful for the opportunity.

Drive safely, please. There is a lot to see along the right of way of the
old N&W, but please pay attention to the road when driving. Also, there
are numerous deer in Ohio and they tend to move in the morning and just at
dusk. Look out for them!


Gary Rolih

Secretary N&WHS

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