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Well, I guess my time frame is just a little bit ahead of the "official" merger date. Still don't know why MAJ Jeffries doesn't include it or the other books make reference to this particular engine. But no biggie.

Thanks guys.


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3122 was an SW-8 800 hp built in 1951 for the Wabash. Became N&W in 1964 merger. Jim Nichols

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Well, since NYY-Detroit was rained out I decided to research engine numbers. Js, Ys, As, even RS3s and 11s all check out. Then I pulled out a Proto 2000 SW8/900 #3122 which I bought some time ago. Nothing in the bible ("Giant of Steam") and nothing in a couple of other motive power books. So good old google revealed these EMD locos were owned by Conrail, SP, EL and LV (not to mention Korea!). Not a NW in sight. Shame on me for not checking first, but on the Walthers box it's clearly stated "only authentic roads and road numbers will be produced" - must have slipped through the system! Any of the above make sense? Ed Svitil

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