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Stephen, according to an article in the March 1987 C&O Railway Historical magazine (the monthly C&O HS magazine), the New River and Pocahontas Consolidated Coal Company was incorporated on May 26, 1905 as a subsidiary of the Berwind-White Coal Mining Company. When West Virginia mining operations started, the first mining town formed was Berwind, near Iaeger, on the N&W Dry Fork Branch. Although this article deals with operations on the C&O Railway, it sounds like these hopper cars in question also operated on the N&W. Hope this helps answer your question. By the way, if you can get your hands on an October 1986 issue of Railroad Model Craftsmen (I can't find my copy.), there is a very good article about these hopper cars in that issue.

Jim Moseley
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Does anyone have any knowledge about the Berwind 55-Ton coal hoppers Lettered for the New River and Pocahontas Coal Company?
Would these hoppers have run in a N&W consist? Any help would be appreciated.

Stephen Rineair
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