Neon Sign dimensions for N&W Roanoke Shops

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Here is a link with a picture of the steam era N&W sign
Royal Stanley
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I did not send the steam era one - but only because I couldn't find one to send. I've seen it before, but we could send it to them also.
If you have one or a link to one, you can send it to me off line and I'll forward it to them. I'd like to see both done and I agree they'd make a good ornament as well as the type that they sold, preassembled in the clear display box.

Phil Miller
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"Here was Miller Engineering's reply about Roanoke Shops signs idea. Perhaps NWHS officials can persuade them?

Thanks for sending those images. We get many requests for sign and I have heard of the N&W Railway's Roanoke Shops, and it is a great sign. The question that always determines if we do a sign is how many would we sell? The that Roanoke sign is for a very specific area so I am not sure how many we would sell. I have added the images you sent to our image library for future consideration.
Thanks, again,
Miler Engineering"

Did anyone send Miller pictures of the "Steam Era" N&W sign? I would prefer it over the more bland NW sign.

For increased sales, Miller could also make them as Christmas ornaments like the Dr.Pepper, Roanoke Star and H&C Coffee ornaments.

Jimmy Lisle

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