New N Scale Y3 coming.

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Tue Mar 11 10:56:45 EDT 2008

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> I'm not an N scaler, but I thought that I might

> mention to those of you who are, the latest

> catalogette from Walthers shows a Y3 with sound &

> DCC.


> If the model is true to the picture, it will be the

> Y3 variant that recieved the front engines from the

> Y5's with the "Y" pipe w/headlight. Looks very nice.

> I just wish that I could get a set of front

> cylinders like that for my Lionel Y3.

> Jimmy Lisle

I have one of these from the original Lifelike run a
few years ago (without sound or DCC). It is a beauty
and includes a 18000 gallon fishbelly tender -
basically as the locos appeared in the 1940s-50s.

Although mine pulls well the new run is supposed to
have traction tires (the 1st run did not) which should
improve drawbar performance.

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

N&W in N scale

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