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Well, I never thought about it, but maybe it depends on its location. I studied two fences in great detail, one at War Eagle WV, and the other at Sycamore Cut at Williamson yard. Both of these have the base rail buried, with a standing rail bolted to it. I spoke with some other signalmen and was told it was for ease of replacement.

I've been working exclusively on the Pocahontas Division. Maybe that was how it was done there, or maybe it depends on when it was put it. Who knows. I haven't checked out any fences on the Bristol Line for this feature because I can't get to them without a hyrail truck or walking, so they'll have to wait.

Which territory do you run? Up your way, is it the Shenandoah Line?

Ben Blevins

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"Most of the rails are connected to a base rail that is buried in the ground. There are rail joints just above ground level with shear bolts in them that will allow the bolts to break off without pulling the base out of the ground in the event of a rock slide. This makes for a quick repair to the fence"

I had never paid much attention to the bases of slide fences until you brought this up. In the past couple of days I've actually been able to make some daylight runs and paid close attention to the bases.
Up my way, probably 99.8% of the slide fence rails DO NOT have the rail joints at their bases or anywhere on the length of the rails. Most of the rails that do have joints, have them mid-way up or better where it looks like they just did it to piece the lengths together for greater heigth or to repair broken rails. Very few rail had a joint near the base.
So my advice for the modeler is...don't worry about those joints. ( pun intended...I think )
Jimmy Lisle
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