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Bill, rereading your last post and Steve's, I'm left
with one thought.

Would any experienced painter at least step up with a
suggested mix for the Red Bird Red that he/she has
tried that looks pretty reasonable in most lighting??
Steve's trying to get something done here.(I'm
guessing that's all we can realistically expect. I
have seen this debate go on with great vigor, and few
good answers, on C&O Blue, Clinchfield Yellow, and
Pennsylvania DLGE [known to most of us as Brunswick

Frank Bongiovanni

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> If Social Security is said to be the third rail of

> politics (touch it and you're dead!), then surely

> Tuscan Red is the third rail of the N&W community!


> Speaking on behalf of the Modeling Committee as a

> whole, with individual members having the freedom to

> jump in as they wish, this subject gets flogged

> every year or so with no satisfactory conclusion

> because no definitive data exists to resolve the

> debate. I believe there is one thing on which N&W

> modelers agree: there is currently no commercial

> paint that accurately matches "N&W Tuscan Red" when

> new at the factory. Of course, which Tuscan Red are

> we talking about? That on passenger cars, that on

> the J's and K's, that on the Red Birds, on the

> excursion cars, etc., etc.


> Many modelers have developed mixes of commercial

> paints which they believe are close enough to their

> eyes to represent they saw or see in photos. Those

> mixes have appeared here and in other publications.

> The best that anyone has been able to say is that

> the mix looks close to them. (The Scalecoat N&W Red

> more closely matches the excursion red than the

> traditional N&W Tuscan Red.)


> My own observations were that the Red Birds were

> much redder than the cars they pulled...which were

> older, somewhat faded, and weathered. So were there

> different reds? Who knows for sure?


> Bill McClure

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