I sure would like to see a 4-8-0

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MR Mason:

I believe - I know - you have not bought a current brass piece recently or you would know that they are the state of the art in running. Modelers rate Kato locos as the best in plastic! The current brass will blow a kato away.
I'll third your vote, but it ain't going to happen anytime soon, after what our society members bashed BLI over the "A" and the "Y". Would you do another project after people treated your like crap?
I had volunteered for the modeling committee of course was overlooked, but here's what I would do.
The PK2 0-8-0 is and ideal loco for Walthers to make and save on tooling cost. As a committee I would piggyback with the C&O Society and jointly approach Walters with the C&O, N&W, and the VGN 0-8-0's. This gives Walthers the insight of two large Societies with large memberships and the data support of three popular roadnames and most of the tooling cost already done. This is the marketing approach that Walthers could not hardly refuse. Just my thoughts!

Stephen Rineair

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Dear List,

I usually don't get to deeply involved in these discussions, but I would like to second the motion "I sure would like to see a 4-8-0" I don't want one of those brass, unpainted, no-DCC, no sound, poor running $500-1,000 models to set on my shelf . I have a Alco Models T6 and a bunch of brass FMs for that. The bar was raised along time ago by Proto-2000 and Broadway Limited. - I want one of those. One want a model that I, with little or no master modeling skills, can take out of the box and operate. In fact what I really want is a big,beefy Class M2 4-8-0. Something with a little heft. Something that a manufacturer could produce with some real pulling power. They were mainline locomotive power at the turn of the 20th century and were still kicking around up here on the Shenandoah Division at Waynesboro VA at the end of steam operations. I sure wish Broadway LTD, or its latest corporate incarnation, or even Proto-2000, would produce it. We are up to our eyeballs in Class Js and Class As. (Here on the Shenandoah Division I can only find proof that one of each ever set foot on the Division).

And while I'm up on my soap-box I wish the Modeling Committee could forward a set of drawings for the N&W Class S1/S1a to Walthers for the Proto-2000 USRA 0-8-0. It might come to no end as they only seem to be re-issuing existing tooling, but this is the best case scenario for a new N&W model that I can see. Thanks for listening.I feel a lot better now.

Mason Cooper


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