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You are correct.

A imperfectly displayed aspect or other signal malfunction opens up a whole new can of worms, and railroad rules. For those who don't know what he's talking about, an imperfect aspect can be a malfunctioning signal, a dark signal, a white light where a color light should be, a missing number board, etc. If a train crew encounters this, the rules govern how they react to it. More often than not, it usually means to take the signal as its most restrictive indication. A train crew should know their territory good enough to be able to tell an automatic signal from a control point, so they'd react accordingly.

Good point Jimmy! I never thought to mention it.

Ben Blevins

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"For instance, if G did not have a number plate, it would be a Stop signal
instead of a restricting."

Your diagrams got deleted, so, I'm guessing on which aspect you are
speaking of and throwing this into the mix to confuse things even more so
pay close attention.
If an intermediate signal, displaying a "Restricting" aspect, has its
number plate blown off by the wind, that doesn't automatically just change
the definition of the aspect from "Restricting" to "Stop". When the wind
blows the number plate off, the signal then becomes "imperfectly" displayed
per rule #27 and that includes several exceptions.
If the signal just happens to be "blacked out", that does not make the
intermediate signal a "Stop" signal. The reason being is that the most
restrictive aspect that could have been displayed before the wind blew the
number plate away, was "Restricting".
Jimmy Lisle

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