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"What is the difference between "Restricting" and "Diverging Approach"? I've got a good idea of "Diverging Approach", but what is "Restricting"?"

If you are speaking of the signal aspect, when looking at the signal, remember we here in N.A. read from left to right. If the bottom (PL) or yellow (CPL) kicks you up in the air, it's a diverging approach. If the bottom or yellow drives you into the ground it's a restricting.
Jimmy Lisle

Diverging Approach - Proceed through turnout at prescribed speed, prepared to stop at next signal.
Restricting - Proceed at restricted speed.
Restricted Speed - A speed that will permit stopping short of train, engine, obstruction or switch not properly lined and looking out for a broken rail, but to exceed 15 MPH.
N&W Book of Operating Rules
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