RS3, GP9, and T6 (DL440)

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The Red Birds and T6's would probably generate the most interest. I don't know what you are allowed to say at this point, but a little more information regarding the models themselves (plastic, resin, brass, kits, assembled, etc) would help people give more definitive answers. Also, do you mind clarifying what you mean by you being the sole distributor? Will this be a special run from a known company, similar to when the Society offered the leased RF&P N&W E8's, or Springhaven Shops offered the leased ACL N&W E7's?
Marty Flick

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Fellow modelers:
I am working with a manufacture who is interested in doing the correct Phase III RS3 with the hood doors on the short hood per N&W #'s 300, 301, and 303 in the "as delivered" and Script herald. I am also working on a production of GP9 "Red Birds" and the Alco N&W and Chesapeake and Western T6's.
I am curious if there is interest in these products or shall I have them dropped.
I do not subscribe to the other forum, so if someone wants to post there, feel free.

Stephen Rineair

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