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I'm not familiar with this photo. I didn't buy a calendar that year. Can someone post it?

Ben Blevins

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Marty: sorry my finger slipped and put an extra 'l' in modeling. So I will retransmi my request and all should be well this time. Interestine that in spite of the error it must have reached you for you to be able to correct the error of my ways. Thanks very much for doing so. Here goes ...
Signal aspects
The recent exchanges on signal indication have been most interesting. In particular, there seemed to be uncertainty about the (rare) use of the top left to bottom right diagonal group on position light signals.
In the picture on the cover of the 2002 calendar the signals shown have two heads on each mast, the upper ones having vertical, horizontal, and bottom left to top right diagonal positions. However, the two lower heads have vertical, and both diagonal options, and no horizontal group. What would be the information shown by the possible use of these lights?
There are three tracks approaching the junction but only two signal masts, which are well to the right of all tracks. How do these signals relate to three tracks for approaching trains?
Ted Roberts (UK)

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