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Thanks for the response, but no where did I presume they did. The convention plans and updates use to be given out in the fall so that people could make plans. The convention chairman use to prepare for the next convention after the board met in February to select the next location so the hotels and places could be reserved in a timely manner. As a former convention organizer I know how important it is to schedule a year in advance to lock in prices and places. I didn't think there was anything questionable by posting here, as modelers need to know to have their contest entry pieces ready. Also not all people use the forum so that will make the next Arrow issue really late to keep folks informed, Don't you agree? This is what makes our society so great is it's organization not it's lack of it as in other societies. I would like to encourage those that come to bring a model to show as I know that there allot of great talent in our society! ! !

Stephen Rineair

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Stephen, the Modeling Committee doesn't plan or implement Conventions, but I am sure those that do will have detailed information shortly.

Bill McClure
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