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After years of research, the tube lighting is the worst form of lighting that you can choose!!!!!!
All fluorescent light - tubes and lampsize lighting give off UV rays which will fade items over a period of time. The closer the item the faster the fading. For Tube lighting you can buy UV Sleeves that run about $10.00 each but only are good for one to two years before you have to replace them.
I find the best lighting ( per the museums archivists and talking to the chemist dept at GE about UV and fading) is the "natural lights" "Reveal" by GE and Phillips natural flood lights used in track lighting. I'm find that more and more modelers are going this route using track lighting. The best thing about these blue coated lights is that you do not need to use filters to photograph you layout. The 65w rated bulbs are ideal as others recommend the same. After talking to the experts, I would not be caught dead the a fluorescent light in my home! ! ! ! You will save on your electric bill using fluorescent lights in you home, but you will pay later for the damage that they do to you possessions that you will replace later.

Hope this helps,
Stephen Rineair

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Hello All

Lost in the deep mists of time was an article (about a year ago?) in (MR? Scale Rails? SER Newsletter?) that showed how to use tube lighting in a valance for indirect light in a train room. I've (twice) been through my back issues and have failed to unearth this article.

Anybody remember it? Any suggestions? (It seems easy enough but I've always found it easier to work from someone else's plans than reinvent the wheel).


Ed Svitil


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