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In studying a proposal to combine the signal shops at
Bellevue and Decatur with Roanoke, I rescued two
cabinets covering "RD" to Narrows. Following consoli-
dation of the Radford, Norfolk, and Shenandoah Divisions
to a central office, the old TC cabinets had been brought
to the signal shop and left outside. Believe the VMT
got the Shenandoah Division machines. Many of the
Radford TC machines had been cannibalized. The
machines from the Norfolk Division had been donated to
the Town of Crewe, but were left outside the gym of the
old YMCA and the panels eventually faded and the
cabinets rusted. The "RD" to Narrows machine is in
my basement.

It's part of NS now, but during a visit to the Atlanta signal
shop, Southern had stored, undercover I might add,
the entire TC machine for the CNO&TP. Foresight !

You know Bluefield and recognize that "RD" was the
eyes and ears for dispatchers working the Narrows
District of the Radford Division, hence the symbol "RD".
This interlocking was so important that at the time
the Radford, Norfolk, and Shenandoah Divisions were
combined to form the Virginia Division, consideration was
given to renaming the interlocking "VD".
Harry Bundy

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