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That is a great model! There is no clutter of wires or a kind of ³box²
behind the target to hide wires. I keep thinking that there is a way to use
LED¹s in a way where one lead is short and grounded to the back of the
target and the other lead forms a target bracket. Unfortunately, that would
tend to be a very labor-intensive proposition.

Thanks for sharing that picture.

Bob Folsom
N&W 1949
Clemson, SC

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> Here is a photo of a H0 N&W bracket signal on my layout. This is one of a

> number of non operating signals made from modified Oregon Rail Products signal

> heads, brass tube, channel and angle, plus brass frets from

> freestatesystems1 at which provide ladders and platforms.


> There is an article on modelling Pennsy signals in the Keystone Modeler issues

> 35 to 38 2006 that illustrates the way to make operating Pennsy/N&W signals,

> but does not include bracket signals. I scaled photos to obtain the

> dimensions for the models and made them non operating, as life is too short

> spend the time needed not only to make seven lights work, but also to change

> the aspects to those required for all the possible alternatives. The signals

> have yellow dots to indicate the most used route. It is in any case not

> possible to see the lights unless one is looking straight at them.


> Positioning the signals is itself a difficult job and am grateful to Jimmy

> Lisle who advised me with signal positing. For anyone without a prototype rail

> background this is no easy task especially on a complicated layout.


> I have written a short article for the British NMRA about the construction of

> these signals referring to the Pennsy article, which I recommend to anyone who

> is considering making their own signals to read.


> Regards, Richard Hood

> England




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