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Has anyone got a photo of the Christiansburg, Arthur and Elliston boards? How about RD after it was extended to Lurich?

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You had to ask, didn't you??? (just kidding!)

Glade Spring was a mess, signal speaking that is. Everything there was rearranged. Maybe one of you gentlemen could tell me when, and more importantly, WHY!!!!

I have included a photo of the CTC panel for Glade Spring, as well as one for Wysor, which did have a crossover, as well as a signals for the line going into the "defense siding", or whatever you want to call it. That's all I know about Wysor. Robb, that's your territory, and you know it much better than I do. Perhaps you can elaborate on the photo for us.

Now, as for Glade Spring, it gets complicated. Might want to look at the photo while you read this.

The siding was moved west and set up a whole chain of events.

Signal 38R was a Take Siding signal, and became the West End Glade Spring home signal when the siding was moved west.

Signal 42R, the old West End home signal, was moved across the tracks on Bracket 40L/42LB's foundation and became the East End Glade Spring Home Signal.

Bracket 40L/42LB was the most modified. It was moved across the tracks and became the East End Glade Spring bracket signal. The signal was configured for the passing track (north track) to be able to give the aspects of Stop, Restricting, Diverging Clear, and Diverging Approach. This also required the masts to be taken off and transposed.

Signal 40R coming off the Saltville Branch was taken out. I don't know when.

Signal 42R was moved east, and placed on the foundation for the 44R bracket signal, and was redesignated as the eastward Holdout Glade Spring signal. This was a controlled signal.

Signal 44L became the westward Holdout Glade Spring signal. Its only modification was rearranging the light boxes on the B arm to give the vertical indication instead of the diagonal so it could give the aspect Approach Diverging for the East End Glade Spring signal.

Bracket signal 44R was moved west to the West End Glade Spring to become the mate to signal 38R. It is now the westward Washington signal.

Whew! I'm glad I wasn't a signalman on that job!

Ben Blevins

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> On the bracket signals, the high mast governed the main
> track and the low mast governed movements from the
> siding. Don't know if it's changed, but the masts on the
> bracket signal at the east end of Wysor were the same
> heighth.
> Harry Bundy

The ones at Wysor have been changed... the ones at Glade Spring are still the same height, as, IIRC, it was a crossover decades ago (i.e, the double track extended further eastward than it does today). I have to presume the ones at Wysor were the same height becuase of the staton siding and lap siding that existed going eastbound from it... any thoughts?

Robb Fisher
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