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Models NEEDED to fill out our Roundhouses and Lubritoriums....

M 4-8-0
M1 4-8-0
M2, M2b, M2c 4-8-0

HU, HU a hoppers( as 4 bay not 3 bay)

Z1, Z1a, Z1b 2-6-6-2

Tenders of all types BY THEMSELVES.
16K & 18K fishbellies
Un-streamlined Waterbottoms as delivered with A, Y5, Y6 etc.

Mark Lindsey

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>> >Are suggestions for the Norfolk Southern approprate for this group?


> Bill Tucker

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>>> >>Subject: Modeling Committee

>> >

>>> >>Yikes! It must be the time of year or the phase of the moon or something,

>>> 'cause every six months or so someone takes a shot at the Modeling

>>> Committee. The last time, among other things, it was because no one knew who

>>> was on the Committee and what the Committee's charge is. The names have been

>>> published, although with the shots they take, they probably wish I had not

>>> done that. And in the current Arrow Ron outlines what the work of the

>>> Committee involves.

>>> >>

>>> >>We can't help manufacturers who don't want our help, or don't seek our

>>> help, or don't pay any attention to our help when it is provided. All

>>> projects, whether undertaken by the Society or by a manufacturer, have to be

>>> commercially successful. For many of the things we would like to see

>>> produced, there is simply not enough of a market to justify the expense.

>>> Case in point, Division Point has pulled (or pushed so far back as to be

>>> pulled) its projects for N&W and VGN heavyweight passenger cars, and for the

>>> VGN PA Pacific. Not enough interest. Data was provided several years ago by

>>> Harold Davenport of your Committee. And Global Crossing has announced it is

>>> closing, abandoning the Jawn Henry project for lack of reservations, among

>>> other reasons.

>>> >>

>>> >>On the other hand, we worked closely with Rich Yoder on his O scale VGN

>>> Battleship gon project, providing data, info, drawings, photos, and

>>> reviewing CAD drawings. Rich was relentless in searching for data to make

>>> the most accurate model possible. As a result, the models are beautiful.

>>> While the run was small and the market limited, members of the Society were

>>> very involved in its creation.

>>> >>

>>> >>As for Weaver, as Jim Nichols has mentioned, when Weaver asked for help,

>>> we promptly offered to provide it and were told it was under control.

>>> Unfortunately, manufacturers have learned that there is a market for "close

>>> enough"; a bigger one than for "exact".

>>> >>

>>> >>ATTENTION: To end this on a more positive note, if you have a model you

>>> would like to see produced, between now and the end of the year, please post

>>> it/them here and we'll see what the list looks like. Maybe we can find space

>>> in an Arrow for feedback. Can't promise a thing, other than the Committee

>>> will see what can be done with the list.

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>>> >>Bill McClure

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