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I doubt that you ever will see an accurate N&W passenger car "set" offered;
N&W passenger equipment was somewhat unique; note the single window versus
paired window arrangement.

Unlike the Arrow, which at least stared as a "set" there is no set for the
Pocahontas, Cavalier or any other train; as far as I know, there was no
observation car, let alone one with a drumhead; for the Pocahontas; sure, a
business car might have occasionally graced the rear of the Pocahontas, but
it was not standard consist.

The N&W marched to its own drummer in freight and passenger equipment for
the most part. The Bachmann and Rivarossi cars are not close to being
accurate for N&W; stand-ins, maybe. The Bachmann cars, as far as I know,
are all based on PRR prototypes, none of which is even close to an N&W
passenger car.

So I'm not sure any manufacturer would ever invest money in producing
somewhat unique N&W equipment for the mass market.

A few years ago, a brass importer whose name escapes me at the moment and
who has since bellied up (they did produce the N&W C-1 and C-3 cabooses in
HO scale) was going to import brass N&W passenger cars; as the cars got
beyond the $300 per car range, that project died.

Most manufacturers are obsessed with producing a "train set." Note the
recent Walthers offerings; but for the most part, although N&W had certain
kinds of cars required for each train, there was not a set designed
specifically for the Pocahontas, Cavalier, New York Train, etc., other than
the Arrow; even the Arrow set didn't stay together, as originally designed,
for a signficant time.

The options are living with what is available; adapting what is available to
approximate an N&W car; scratchbuilding; or producing limited run kits for
those few folks still willing to sit at the work bench and who enjoy
assembling, painting and decaling a kit.

Sure, I'd love to see Walthers or some other manufacturer produce accurate
N&W passenger equipment; but I'm not holding my breath.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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>I have both the BLI Class J now in HO scale. This

> leads me to wonder if there are any of the high detail

> plastic cars out there that could make up a realistic

> N&W passenger set. I am bit surprised we haven't seen

> a full accurate set given that both Bachmann and BLI

> make a J.

> Thanks,

> Eric




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