O gauge Y-6b/HO Y's

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Fri Nov 30 19:05:55 EST 2007

Well from a manufacturing viewpoint, the Y5/Y6/Y6a makes lots of
sense because so little has to be changed between versions. Add the
non-streamlined tender for the earlier versions, and you could offer
the tender as a separate item for your "A". With All the M Class
engines you'd think someone would make one of those. It IS the last
N&W Engine under steam. Maybe a Z1/Z1a/Z1b as well. They had a
snoot load of them too. Perhaps manufacturers are just making 'entry
level' subjects, and the J, and Y6b are easy subjects. I was
actually astonished that a Y3 was produced since more than 20 were
made. LOL

Mark Lindsey
STILL Stuck in the 1930's

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