S1 and S1a operation on the N&W

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> First, does anyone know the exact road numbers of

> the S1a's used at Williamson? I model Williamson in

> HO, so my options for a S1a would be either the IHC

> or the Proto 2000 0-8-0. What might be easier for a

> kitbash, or to run with just renumbering (The IHC

> 0-8-0 being available in N&W lettering)

> Lois

> Modeling Williamson in the1950s


I'm not in HO but the IHC is based on an Indiana
Harbor Belt 0-8-0 (not USRA). The N&W (nee C&O) S1 and
S1a derivatives are heavily based on the USRA 0-8-0
design, which is what the Proto 2000 0-8-0 is.

So in my opinion I'd start with the Proto 2000 USRA


Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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