S1 and S1a operation on the N&W

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I have modified a Proto 0-8-0 to a S1 already using various PSC parts and plastic. I am looking to convert another one I have to a S1a but this will require building a new tender.

Kurt S. Kramke

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<BR>First, does anyone know the exact road numbers of the S1a's used at Williamson? I model Williamson in HO, so my options for a S1a would be either the IHC or the Proto 2000 0-8-0. What might be easier for a kitbash, or to run with just renumbering (The IHC 0-8-0 being available in N&W lettering)<BR>
Modeling Williamson in the1950s<BR>
<BR>> Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 22:34:26 -0500<BR>> To: nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org<BR>> Subject: Re: S1 and S1a operation on the N&W<BR>> From: nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org<BR>> <BR>> I don't think there was an S-1 at Williamson, but there were several <BR>> S-1as. The 206 is seen on several videos cutting bad orders out of <BR>> loaded coal trains in which it did, indeed, handle long cuts of coal.<BR>> <BR>> Now, if doing an S-1a is beyond you, feel free to put an S-1 at <BR>> Williamson and if viewers don't like it, they can lump it. It's your <BR>> engine, your basement and your Williamson, all done with your money, <BR>> so if you want to switch hoppers with a Streamlined NYC Hudson go right ahead!<BR>> <BR>> Ed King<BR>> <BR>> >----- Original Message ----- From: "NW Mailing List" <BR>> ><nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org><BR>> >To: "NW Mailing List" <nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org><BR>> >Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 3:41 PM<BR>> >Subject: S1 and S1a operation on the N&W<BR>> ><BR>> >>Walthers/Lifelike has announced an N scale USRA 0-8-0<BR>> >>with front steps, which I plan to kitbash into an N&W<BR>> >>S1.<BR>> >><BR>> >>My older brother remembers when they were used in<BR>> >>Williamson, but since I'm a bit younger I have no<BR>> >>detailed memories of steam.<BR>> >><BR>> >>Can anyone comment a little on the operation? Were<BR>> >>they shoving long cuts of hoppers?<BR>> >><BR>> >>Thanks in advance for any memories/input.<BR>> >><BR>> >>Mark Peele<BR>> >>Catonsville, MD<BR>> >><BR>> >>================================<BR>> >>N&W in N scale<BR>> <BR>> <BR>> ________________________________________<BR>> NW-Modeling-List at nwhs.org<BR>> To change your subscription go to<BR>> http://list.nwhs.org/mailman/options/nw-modeling-list<BR>> Browse the NW-Mailing-List archives at<BR>> http://list.nwhs.org/pipermail/nw-modeling-list/<BR><BR><br /><hr />Windows Live Hotmail and Microsoft Office Outlook – together at last. <a href='http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/HA102225181033.aspx?pid=CL100626971033' target='_new'>Get it now!</a></body>

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