X-865 Southern lettered CF class cab[in car]

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I got it scanned and uploaded to my A&Y website. You can go directly
to the 800x600 image with the following URL:


The photo was taken in Pomona (Greensboro), North Carolina on
December 18, 1950. This would have been almost a year after the A&Y
was absorbed into the Southern's Winston-Salem Division. Since the
only photos of A&Y cabs I have are the ex-RF&P cabs, X-861 and X-862,
my hypothesis is that at least one of the two ex-N&W cabin cars was
renumbered as X-865. Given that leaves 863 and 864 between them, I'm
not sure which number the other CF class cabin car would have in the
renumbering and relettering after the A&Y purchased them. I would
guess X-864 and they just separated the two types of cars by a number
that was never used.

With most records gone and few photos remaining, we may never know. sigh.

I hope this satisfies all who requested to see the photo. I have a
high resolution TIF file that is too big to put on the website for
regular use, but might be of interest to someone doing research on
the car. If so, please let me know. I also have a 3x5 print which is
borrowed from the collection of Marvin Black. I do not know who took
the photo however.

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