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The 2037 has a footboard pilot and 18000 gallon tender. They modeled the
engine at its last, as a yard engine. I wanted to model the engine as I
first saw it working the Berwind Shifter, and I ordered a road pilot from
the manufacturer, which they furnished. The pilot and footboards are easily
interchangeable. I made a miscue and got it silent. I have a 2024 with
sound, which is adequate.

I don't have a 2012.

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>I am thinking about tracking down a couple of the

> recent Heritage line N&W Y-3's with sound. I am

> wondering about the following information for the two

> road numbers 2037 and 2012. Do both these have a

> footboard pilot? What size tenders? Doghouse on the

> tender? Also, how is the sound?

> I am hoping one of these has a road pilot and

> doghouse!

> Thanks,

> Eric Lauterbach




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