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I have both the BLI and the new Bachmann Spectrum J. Both run great,
but the BLI will pull more. I installed a SoundTraxx decoder with
the whistle from the SP 4449 and it actually sounds closer to 611
than the BLI. One other option would be a brass model. I have a
Samhongsa-made Sunset Models brass J that looks, runs, and pulls
great. I have installed one of the new SoundTraxx Tsunami decoders
in it and it also sounds great. Having said all that, the Sunset
brass J is closest to a J in service, with the BLI next. The
Spectrum J is closest to the excursion version based on gloss and
color of its striping. Enjoy whichever model you choose. Hope this helps.

Kert Peterson
Fircrest, WA

Modeling the Norfolk and Western Ry in 1951,
when Precision Transportation was still steam powered!


On 9/18/2007, Mark Lindsey wrote:

>The great photo of 611 in front of Roanoke Shops has finally weakened

>me to get one of the newer plastic "J"s.

>My friend has a Bachmann, which runs Ok, and with weathering, looks

>like the real thing in video.

>I have NOT seen the BLI version. So.. I need some advice. Which

>really looks more like the "J" in service.

>Don't want the excursion version. BLI doe have the earlier version

>with spoked pilot wheels.

>I'm not planning for this engine to be run until it dies or anything,

>just the occasional run with 5-20 passenger cars behind it.

>Which version looks better, which has more accurate paint, and most

>reliable mechanics?

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