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Could be that only the Roanoke Terminal Y-6bs (2171-2180) were equipped with
cab signals. The 2181-2200 were assigned to Bluefield and would not be
dispatched out of Shaffers to the North. They could be dispatched in every
other direction, though; they were seldom seen on the Bristol Line after
their break-in runs. The 2171-2180 could be dispatched out of Shaffers to

Check the numbers on the Y-6bs you have pictured . . .


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> Hi,


> There is a box underneth the enginers side running board, above the front

> engine, on some N&W Y-6b's. I assume it is a train control box, but don't

> know why I see it on some pictures of the engine, but not others. Can

> someone tell me what determines when/why an engine was so equipped.


> If I'm right that it's a Train Control Box, it sure doen't look like the

> common Calscale HO brass casting. Custom Finishing has a couple that look

> closer. Any comments on a good brass casting to represent that part on a

> HO

> model of the Y-6b ?


> I'm making pretty good progress on my PFM Y-6b rebuild project. When it is

> done I'll post a link to pictures so you can count the rivets and tell me

> where I screwed up :)


> Regards,

> Dave Ayers





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