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Model Railroad Services offers decal sets specifically designed for the H2a
hopper; they can be ordered from the N&WHS Commissary. Two styles are available
-- pre-1952 (17" N&W initials) and post-1952 (24" N&W initials).

There's an article in the Nov/Dec 2005 Arrow which covering some simple
upgrades to the BLI hoppers which will make them look better and more accurate.

Happy modeling!
Bob Chapman

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My wife recently purchased a group of the BLI N&W Hoppers. These are the
unnumbered ones and my question is this. I am of course asuming that many of you
are familiar with these models.

What (who's) decals do I use to complete these models?

This is my 1st posting and I am very new to this so I hope I have provided
enough info to have an answer to my question.

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