Where are the DETAILS??

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You' re absolutely right, especially regarding the 'open range' beneath the firebox!
In my opinion those manufacturers lack any ideas how to fill that open
space correctly, don't they? In addition there is a lot of unwanted space between
cab and tender very often due to missing mechanical devices to enlarge distance of
coupling in narrow curves.
Those devices are standard on long coaches for many years now (known by modelers as
far back as 1960!). Hope, those fine models once will be improved by the manufacturers
to offer a perfect view from the sides too (not just from the front or above)!
Bet regards

Wulf-Dieter Heinrich

Duesseldorf, Germany

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Thema: Where are the DETAILS??

Hey Guys,

Has anybody but me noticed that a lot (all?) of these HIGH-DOLLAR and "super-detailed" HO scale steam locomotives are consistently lacking in certain details? Let me list a few:

1. LUBRICATOR LEVERS. These are so noticeably missing on my BLI A-class, J-Class, and PCM Y6. The lubricator boxes are there (above and behind the cylinders) But NEVER the actuating arms going to them!

2. VALVE GEAR. How come the arm connected to the eccentric crank on the driver is not operating the cylinder valves? If the valve rod (above the cylinders) is not moving from front-to-back, isn't the locomotive sitting still? Isn't THAT what introduces steam to the cylinders? I have a cheap, old Rivarossi Y6B that accurately shows this. What gives?

3. UNDER CAB/FIREBOX. How come there's always so much DAYLIGHT back there? Usually between the trailing truck and the bottom of the firebox (ash-pan?), there is about a scale FOOT of emptiness! I know the rear truck has to swivel, but I think they could do better! Not to mention all the plumbing below and behind the cab that is simply.....GONE!

Ever notice when these loco's gets a magazine review, nobody ever mentions it (mostly)?

Well, that's my two cents worth. $500. $600. $700.00? I expect MORE!...right...?

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