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The Rapido passenger cars are not only Canadian prototype but are also lettered wrong for if they were. The color is of an unusual red that does not match any standard of any other manufacture and is so far off that it would be an eyesore in a passenger consist. I know the fellow that provided Rapido the information on the L&N and N&W cars and the info is wrong on both. The general public will buy whatever they can get.
I feel that we as members of the NWHS are in it to preserve the history and that we would want to model the Railroad as best as we can.

Stephen Rineair

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Check out the Canadian Model Trains web site for Rapido passenger cars. So far they have issued a coach, cafe car, duplex sleeper and 10 Rmtte-5 DBR sleeper, all distinctly Canadian prototypes. The sleeper is close, but I can't think of any US road which had 10-5 cars with the bedrooms in the center of the car.

The paint and lettering on the N&W coach looks good, except for the ampersand instead of "AND" spelled out on deskirted cars. It is amazing that Rapido can't keep N&W or PRR cars in stock, and those roads didn't own cars quite like these.

Rick Morrison



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