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Tue May 1 18:22:58 EDT 2007

I don't think a casting of the Y6b has ever been available as a
separate part. The stack on the PFM model is not correct. IIRC it
has a base cast to fit the smokebox and a turning to represent the
rest of the stack. The two pieces are held together with a center
screw. The stack did not cant forward, so it is incorrect. I would
assume that the stack on the more recent Korean built imports of the
Y6b would be correct. Even the Rivarossi plastic model has the canted stack.

One other error on the PFM is the headlight mounting. Check
prototype photos. The headlight sits too high. It should be on a
bracket which slopes down from the large cross pipe.
If you are redetailing, that should be an easy fix.

I have one of these models, so let me know if you need anything else verified.

Rick Morrison



>I am mostly a C&O fan, but certain N&W Steamers ring my bell too :)


>I am rebuilding an old PFM Y6b and could use a little help with some



>In some pictures, but not others, of the prototype engine, there is a

>horizontal tube located over the rear cylinder block on the engineers side

>only. Could someone tell me what this thing is, and why it appears sometimes

>and not othertimes ?


>The particular model I am rebuilding come to me missing some parts. I have

>remade most of them with better detail. But it was missing the smokestack

>and the N&W used a odd forward canted, bolted base design on the later Y's.


>Can anyone tell me where I might find a brass casting of this stack, or a

>way to come up with something close ?


>You can see some of my work here:




>Dave Ayers



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