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Mon Apr 30 17:58:30 EDT 2007


Sorry for omitting RF&P from the roads owning the Pennsy style
sleepers. How could I forget? I modelled one once from the original
Rivarossi car. These cars were a respectable model but are hard to
find now. Walthers was the last importer of them and they had much
improved trucks. The Rivarossi cars once were issued in Tuscan red
with dry transfers for RF&P, and IIRC L&N which also had the cars for
joint PRR service. That's how I lettered the car for RF&P, but I
used decal stripes for the trim work.

If Walthers won't do N&W with their new "S-2" they have listed an
undec version. The windows will be a great improvement over the Rivarossi car.

Rick Morrison

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