HO scale passenger cars

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Mon Apr 30 12:39:42 EDT 2007

If Walthers would do their new 10-6 sleeper lettered N&W, it would
probably be right on for the S-2. The model is based on PRR
prototype, and I think the ownership of these was confined to PRR and
N&W. Maybe N&WHS could urge Walthers to help out. After all, they
are lettering this model for a lot of roads which never had a 10-6 to
this plan. I know SP had similar 10-6's, but they lacked the
distinctive "belt rail" below the windows.

The N&W version of Walther's PRR B-60 baggage car is pretty good.
They are on sale from Walthers right now for $24.95, item
932-5874 Looks like the new Walthers lightweight diner has the
service door in the wrong place on the aisle side of the car.

The Rapido cars have been based on Canadian prototypes to date. Not
close enough to anything N&W owned.

With these few exceptions, nothing right out of the box without
cosmetic surgery and repainting.

Rick Morrison

At 10:20 PM 4/29/2007, you wrote:

>Are any of the HO scale plastic passenger even close for the N&W? We

>now have Walthers, Rapido, and Rivarrossi making them.



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