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After WWII when housing was short, the N&W did buy 'regular' homes for use
by employees of the rr especially signal maintainers who were at locations
far from yards or other rr offices. The N&W did have a couple of homes in
Newtown near Clare Yard that were rented to employees.

Gary Rolih



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There were at least 3 company houses in Bluefield, one of which was divided
into two apartments. One was for the General Super of the Western Divison,
one for the Roadmaster, and I can't remember the titles of the two others.
Jim Nichols

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N&W provided houses for the Superintendents at Crewe and

Portsmouth (Bluefileld ?) Other higher-ups also received

company houses. Van Holton, the former governor's brother)

lived in a company house at McDermott, Ohio. He noted

that his furniture arrived in a company box car and was

unloaded by the section force. Although I've never seen it,

there was a company house used by one of the operating

department officials at Wilcoe in the era 1955-64 and perhaps

before that. You can bet that an automobile was part of

the job.

Harry Bundy


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