N&W passenger car project being considered

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To do the skirted version I plan on sending him a Westside Factory painted set to match the paint.
Yes I know that the cars are not right but it will help as a N&W color match.

Stephen Rineair

'40's first.

Nigel F Misso

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Dear Members:

A friend of my who is in the manufacturing business is considering an Ho project.
With Gem, Key, Overland, , and several runs by Sunset, Broadway limited, and Bachmann of the N&W J, he feels that there may be a good market for a Quality Powhattan 5 Car set with lights and interiors. One of the first question I was asked what time period would these fit. My preference is the deskirted fifties version with the black roofs. He suggested doing the forties version and that if they sell well he could he could later do the fifties version.
I need your input to pass along, what do most of you model, forties of fifties?

Stephen Rineair


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