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Just to mention once again:

The "Pullman Paint and Lettering Notebook" indicates they have an original color card set for all railroads that were associated with the Pullman Company at the State Historic Library Division of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Perhaps some one from the modeling committee would take a moment to call and see if they can obtain a copy of the N&W chips.

There are reproductions of color chips for most railroad colors in the back section, however N&W is one that is not included. However, they do state the following

1. Norfolk and Western Tuscan Red (color # 70-91) is lighter than 70-18, Pennsy Tucan Red. (lighter would make it seem rosey)
2. Norfolk and Western Roof Brown is darker than IC Brown (dark brown not tan)

and for the Pelver Years Fan

3. Norfolk and Western Blue is redder than 70-132 MoPac Blue (yes redder)

In regard to the paint put out by Roanoke Rails, I've heard 2 stories, one,it was supposedly matched against a chip of paint that was removed from underneath other coats on a passenger car, two, There is a set of color chips floating around that was used. But wherever they came from I thought they were pretty close if not right-on. But it still brings me back to my first statement and that is can a society official contact the Illinois Historic Library and look into obtaining copies of the N&W chips for a society run of paints. This once again goes back to my thoughts that if no one else is going to produce these items then basic N&W / VGN modeling materials, paints, decals, etc. should be available through the society.

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