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Thanks Mr. Bundy, your help refreshed my recollections of the operation between the N&W & ACL at Petersburg. Having grown up nearby and spending time in the early 1950's as a young teenager around the depot especially when 25 - 3 - 4, the ACL's Cannonball and Short Train arrived and departed brought back some fond memories. At the beginning of summer of 1956 when I began working for the ACL as a yard clerk operations were starting to change and continued to do so as the years passed. Thanks again

Herman Wilkins
railrdn at comcast.net
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Mr. Wilkins:
Remembering the ""Petersburg shuffle" --
On No. 25's arrival, Richmond passengers WALKED across the platform
to connect with "The Short Run". By 1957, Richmond passengers had to
take a bus.

On No. 3's arrival, a yard crew reached in, took the rear (Richmond) car
off and shoved it to "The Short Run" on the Pocahontas lead. The head
end remained in tact and any mail or express transferred was done on
carts. Only 10 minutes station time was allowed on Nos. 3/4.

Nos. 21-22 until the 1950's was all Richmond and beyond. In the 20's there
was even a sleeper that operated New York to/from the Cavalier Hotel in
Virginia Beach. Nos. 15-16 underwent a transformation at Petersburg.
A Bristol-Richmond sleeper was added or transferred to ACL. In fact, Petersburg
kept a sleeper on steam just in case, plus there was a lot of express and
mail from ACL. By the mid-50's, the Cavalier and the Cannonball were
combined Norfolk-Petersburg. This multiplied the switching. In August '55
apparently I saw a section of No. 22 at Dwight. It had one of the ATC-
equipped K's and three cars - including what was the Norfolk sleeper.
A delay to No. 16 had no doubt called for N&W to advance the Cannonball
cars to Norfolk, rather than hold for the arrival of the Cavalier.

Probably a good thing I'm not clerking anymore because I left the diner
out of No. 4's July, 1970 consist. N&W 494 Frederick J. Kimball riding
ahead of the Sussex County.
Harry Bundy
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