Pocahontas usual train consist

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The answer below is quite helpful. Who supplied the
information? Also, is this based upon personal
observation or is a passenger train consist book from
1960-1965 available as its source?

Thanks again,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at yahoo.com

I assume the time period is around 1960-65. The
consist would vary a bit from day to day and place. It
would also vary a bit by whether the train
is eastbound or westbound. At Lynchburg in the early
1960's a typical consist westbound might be:

1 Express
3 passenger
1 diner
1 lounge
1 Pullman

Eastbound would have 2 additional mail/express cars.

By 1962 or so the lounge was gone.

On Sunday and days around college holidays, the number
of passenger cars could increase up to 5 or so.

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