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RE; modeling N&W dome 1613 in UP Colors. There is a company called Thin
Film Decals who make a set of decals for N&W cars with UP style colors and
type such as 1613. I used a set to change a UP/Pullman 6-6-4 sleeper to the
N&W (ex WAB) car "National Colors". Unfortunately I have lost my catalog
from that company and can't supply an address. On the sleeper the
letterboard was lettered PULLMAN with UP in small type on each end. Using
Solvaset, I removed the UP markings and substituted the N&W markings from
the kit, which are correctly sized for this application and put the car
name in the proper place. On the dome, if you purchased one in UP colors
you would have to remove the large Union Pacific lettering off the
letterboard and replace it with the Thin Film Norfolk and Western which is
in the correct UP red with UP typestyle. In the March/April 2001 Arrow,
which has a photo of 1613 in UP colors on the cover, there is an article by
Rick Stone on page 23 describing his doing a model of 1613 using the
AHM/IHC dome car. Dan.

Dan and Nina Mulhearn; Pipestem WV
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