Domed passenger cars

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I had a vague recollection of seeing a similar picture, but when one
reference seemed to say that the car went Wabash>CofG>N&W I thought my memory was
playing tricks. However, other references say it was Wabash>N&W>CofG (1970) so
it very likely could have been.

Do note from the pictures that the trucks on the AHM model are not correct,
but there are several sources for correct trucks.


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On page 65 of the book Great Trains of North America, there is a picture of
the 1613 in UP colors with N&W lettering. The caption is wrong - it says it
was taken in 1961 - and it is credited to a J. K. Hayward. This picture is
the only reason I have kept this book.

Dick Dunford
Blacksburg VA

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According to the caption on this
_ ( probably not. I don't
pretend to be an expert on this car; thank goodness for references, both
hard copy and on line!


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Dave; Thanks for your correction. I am glad to know that the former AHM (now
IHC) P-S dome is an accurate model of the former UP/Wabash cars. I was
planning to paint mine blue and number it 1602, but will now do 1613. Do you know
if the car ever ran on the N&W in UP colors with N&W lettering ala the
sleeper "National Colors".? Thanks again. Dan

Dan and Nina Mulhearn; Pipestem WV
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