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Believe it or not, the prototype for the AHM dome cars IS the Pullman
Standard-built cars operated by the Union Pacific and Wabash in the "City of St.
Louis." No, the tuscan red isn't correct, but the car is. The Wabash car
(#203) became 1613 on the N&W and ran in the "Pocahontas" for a short time, I
believe. It's pictured on page 17 of Jim Nichols' "...Color Guide..." book.
Car 1602 is pictured on page 16. Although very similar in appearance at a
casual glance, it's actually an ex MoPac car (albeit also P-S) bought by Wabash
to supplement "Blue Bird" service, per Jim. The design of 1602's dome window
framing is a little different (more like the Budd cars); it's not the
prototype for the AHM car.

Dave Phelps

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The Pullman Standard dome car in tuscan red sold by AHM is mostly a figment
of their imagination. N&W did briefly own a smooth side dome car, #1602,
which was an ex Wabash car acquired with that line in 1964. This car was
never in red, though it did get painted in the "Pevler" dark blue before it
was sold to the Southern where it was assigned to the Asheville train. The
other dome cars were Budd lightweights, also ex Wabash. These were
stainless steel with blue letterboards and were used in the 1969 upgrading
of the "Pocahontas". I don't think any of the domes ever ran on the
"Arrow", at least not on any regular basis. Dan.

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