Domed passenger cars

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AHM once sold rrivarossi cars in whatever paint they coul put on them.
The model is a fair approximation of what the dome cars from the werger
with Wabash would have looked like in N&W Tuscan colors. Sadly, they
stayed blue, and the other N&W passenger cars were repainted to match
I have seen one photo of a dome car painted Tuscan, marked for the
Virginia Rail Investment Trust. I have a bac-burner project to decal
one of the AHM Tuscan "undecorated" cars that way.
Two Blocks from the N&W Valley Line

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Did the Norfolk and Western use domed passenger cars in either the
Powhatan Arrow or the Pocahontas? I do not remember seeing them being
used. The reason is that AHM is selling them.


Frank Jefferson

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