N&W S-2 Sleepers

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According to my Pullman Lettering Book and other Pullman lsits I have, the following is noted in regard to the S-2 Sleepers:

Buchanan County; Was in PRR "streamlines colors" until at least 6/29/60
McDowell County; Was in PRR "streamlined colors" until 5/31/66 then painted N&W colors
Sussex County; Was in PRR "streamlined colors" until at least 3/14/57 then at sometime painted N&W colors with no date given

Also the Pullman Paint and Lettering Guide notes the following: N&W Color Roof Brown (70-96) is darker than IC Roof Brown (70-28). N&W Tuscan Red (70-91) is lighter than PRR Tuscan Red (70-18). N&W Blue (70-133) is redder than Mo Pac Blue (70-132 as of 1962). Of course this all makes better sense if you could see the color chips associated with the IC, PRR and Mo Pac colors like I can. It does mention that all color chips are stored at the State Historic Library Division of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Maybe some one from the Society could contact them and get copies of the "Color Cards" for Society member use!



The N&W, RF&P, and PRR jointly owned some 10-6 sleepers (class S2 on the
N&W). They were all striped like PRR cars, but had their own road names (or
at least the N&W did) on the letterboard. However, were they all painted in
PRR Tuscan Red, or did the N&W cars have N&W Red on them?

Bob Folsom
Clemson, SC
The N&W S2 sleepers did have the Pennsy style of striping with the double
stripe below the window. I would assume they were painted in tuscan red,
and I plan to remove the lettering from a couple of Walthers PRR 10-6
"Rapids" series sleepers and just reletter them without changing the basic
color. At least one of the S2s was leased to the IC and repainted in ICs
brown/orange scheme; then ran in that scheme on the N&W for awhile after
being "repossessed". Dan Mulhearn; HO Pocahontas Sub, Pipestem WV

Dan and Nina Mulhearn; Pipestem WV
dannina1 at earthlink.net
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