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I have a VHS called Vintage Rails, Volume 6. One of the best scenes that
will help clarify that issue is a scene in Virginia with an E/B Pocahantas
approaching. The photographer starts panning as the class J loco passes by
and then freezes his aim at 90 degrees to the passing train. Only the
letterboards are visible. Just then, a PRR car passes by. It is distinctly
darker and browner than the N&W equipment.

A few months ago, there was some discussion about finding correct paint. I
ordered some ScaleCoat N&W Red and Tuscan Red. The difference is huge.
Also, it is very clear that this N&W Red is far too pure red. I used up
about one quarter of a bottle mixing it with other stuff to find a better
shade. I also learned that daubing a sample on a piece of styrene does not
give you the true result. Spraying it on a model is the real test. I had
added ten drops of Tuscan Red to the N&W Red and sprayed a primed metal car.
It ended up looking like a ripe red apple. My next attempt is to add some
more of the Tuscan Red to the N&W Red. I think I have the right proportion,
but won't be able to test it until this weekend. I will let you know the
result. Attached is a picture of three models. The rear car is the "apple
red" color I mentioned. That car is an old Blue Line metal kit that I have
kit-bashed into a PM coach. The middle one is an IHC plastic coach that is
part of a set. The color is probably in the right tone, but a little wimpy.
The front car is an even older Blue Line diner in which the sides and roof
are integral. It was painted at least thirty years ago with "somebody's"
Tuscan Red. At the time, I thought it was a pretty good match for N&W. Now
I can see that it is probably a little too brown. I am not much of a
photographer so I don't know if the picture is worth much.

Bob Folsom
Clemson, SC

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> I thought both roads used the same shade red. Or were they so close

> that it was hard to tell unless you were close?



> Dominic Mazoch



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