PCM Y-6 and Link Recordings

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OK, since you asked :)
This reminds me about the argument, er, discussion, with the Mrs. over the color of our new kitchen countertops. Let's just say we didn't quite see color the same way...

In a previous post, we debated the PCM's sound quality. My main issues were that the exhaust synch seemed way off above about 20 scale mph, i.e., it sounded more like a sewing machine than what an articulated would have sounded like. I know you can't scale down sound into HO-sized speakers, but to my ears IMHO, the BLI A sounded much better. Admittedly, digital recordings exist of 1218, so that made the job easier, I guess.

I've also questioned their point that engines got softer in exhaust sound as they reached track speed. I've spent enough time in the cabs of loud engines (SLSF 1522) and relatively quiet ones (UP's 844 and 611) to respectfully disagree. Sure, the exhausts tended to blur into a near-jetlike roar at high speeds, but there was a reason why crews tended to communicate using either shouts or hand signals in the cab at speed.
Heck, if the 1522 was moving a heavy train at track speed, and if you were in the front of the crew car, behind the A-tank and tender, you had to almost shout to the person next to you to hear over the exhaust sound. The crew in later years wore headsets to communicate better and drown out some of the racket, as well as save their hearing.

That said, I own 2 of the PCM Y6's and am scrounging to buy another, especially since PCM is apparently selling them online at wholesale cost. I'll install my own sound later.
My $.02

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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Also, keep in mind HO models can only fit a maximum sized speaker. The problem is not the recording or decoder, but rather the speaker. I'm certain that if you could play the HO soundsystem on 4" speakers, you would receive much better sound fidelity.

Mike Rector

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